Purchase a Spare Copy of your Photos & Videos of your event on a High Quality USB Memory Stick

Magic Photobooths USB Stick



Magic Photobooths USB Stick

Have you attended a Magic Photobooths event? You can now purchase a full digital record of your event all on one Magic Photobooths USB memory stick.
And yes, this includes ALL images AND videos (where applicable).

There are a couple of ways to go about getting your memory stick…

Either visit the gallery of your choice and view any of the pictures; you’ll be able to buy the stick from the very last option below the picture (the gallery reference is automagically added for you and you WILL get the whole lot. OR…

Just fill in the form below and get yours RIGHT NOW! The “Ref” part of the form (as reminded down there) is for you to tell us which gallery you’re after, i.e. what date the event was held, who’s bash it was and/or where it was.

(There’s an alternative to Paypal just below the form if you prefer)

There’s no charge for postage on any of our items so the price you see is the price you pay.

Buy USB Stick RIGHT NOW with PayPal

Reference is your Event Date & Event Name or Venue. For example: 08/06/15 - Cheryl & Dave's Wedding (or maybe 8th August 2015 - Miskin, you get the idea)

Amount (each): £8.95 - USB Stick of all pictures (and video where applicable)


Total: £

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Mike Broad

Never had so much fun at my cousin’s wedding. Kept the kids and big kids entertained all night

Upload to Facebook

Facebook Uploads

Instantly upload your pictures directly to our Facebook page from the booth so you can share it with all your friends.

Facebook Uploads




Never forget what a great time you had in a Magic Photobooth at THAT party…

Just visit out Galleries page, find your event gallery and choose your picture!
There’s no charge for postage on any of our items so the price you see is the price you pay.

Glass Picture Frame



Get one of your favourite Magic Photobooth pictures sent straight to you in a smart glass picture frame. It’ll look lovely on the mantle!

These flat frames are 6″x4″ (150x100mm) with a ‘flap stand’ on the back.

Just visit out Galleries page, find your event gallery and choose your picture!
There’s no charge for postage on any of our items so the price you see is the price you pay.

USB Provided

USB Provided

We will also supply you with a free USB stick to keep, the USB stick will include all pictures taken, video messages and karaoke videos

Colour or B&W

Colour or black and white image options are available.

Free Photo Album Copies of your Guests Pics Plus a Written Message

We will provide a photo album that will include duplicate prints of your guests pictures, we will also ask them to write a message, the album is then handed out to you at the end of the night



Unlimited Pictures to Take Away

We don’t limit the usage, allowing you and your guests to try out different poses and experience as much fun as possible


We will include this software for free so please sing your heart away to a small choice of songs, our state of the art software will also edit your videos and “splice” them, ie everyone who sings the same song at different times throughout the usage will be edited throughout one song!

Green Screen (choose a background)

We provide this service free within our Package, you can select different backgrounds to add more fun to your pics



Unlimited Visits

Magic Photobooths Unlimited Visits

Guests are not restricted to just one visit to our booths, although it would of course be nice to let someone else have a go.


Professional Photobooth Managers

Our photobooth Managers will set up the booth and help your guests with the usage of the booth, they are natural entertainers themselves and will also encourage everyone to have as much fun as possible


Professional Photobooth Managers

Box of Props

We include a variety of wigs, silly specs, garlands, hats



Personalised Text on Picture (copied to USB)

We can add any text you would like to be printed on each photo, “Happy 30th Birthday Lauren” “Congratulations To The New Mr & Mrs Smith” etc.


Custom Text on all images

Video Messaging

We invite your guests to record a video message throughout the evening, all videos are recorded via our high tech sound and video system.

Suriya Cook

5 stars!!!

Debra Poole

Thanks to Magic Photobooths for a great service at Courtney’s 16th Birthday, a wonderful fun addition for any party, the photos and guest book are such a great momento from the night. Thanks a lot, will definately recommend your company. Xx

Terriann Poole

Absolutely brilliant for all ages and such a great service provided!!

Amy Lou

The photos are brill, so much fun on a night out xx