By popular demand, we have decided to set up a page dedicated to the many enquiries we receive, we hope you find it useful:

Q) How do I book?
A) Check your date with us first…Please contact us via email: (don’t forget to include: date/area/amount of guests) or you can call us in the office Mon-Fri 10am-4pm to check your date.

Q) When do I pay?
A) When you book we request a deposit, your balance is due no later than 7days before your event. If we dont receive your balance we will assume that you no longer require the Booth.

Q) Im not sure of the start time yet, when do you need to know?
A) We finalise start times, text for photo’s a week before your event, we will send a confirmation with your booking details where we can finalise everything.

Q) Can you provide the following documents, our venue has requested them?
A) Yes, this is now common…and welcoming, we can forward: PAT Test Certificate, PLi Certificate, Risk Assessment Documents. We normally email the documents to your venue approximately one month before your event to ensure that the expiry date covers your date.

Q) What time do you arrive?
A) Our Attendants will arrive approximately 90mins before your requested start time.

Q) How big is the Photo Booth?
A) The Height is 2.0m, The Width is 2.3m, The Depth is 1.3m

Q) What requirements do you have?
A) We need a 13 amp socket based ideally within 3 metres (cables cannot cross doorways or fire doors) It would be helpful if the Booth is set up away from crowded areas i.e. Bar area as guests normally populate the area around the Booth.

Q) Do the photos print out on the night?
A) Yes, once your happy with the photo taken you can print out the photo which takes approx. 10-20 seconds.

Q) Is it just one photo for each guest?
A) If you book Package1 every guest will receive 1 x photo. If you book Package2 every guest will receive 1 x photo + a duplicate to put in your Guestbook (supplied) However, guests can stay in the booth and have as many photos taken as they like! You can also come back to the Booth later within your time booked .

Q) Do you supply props or do we have to bring them?
A) We supply plenty of props, wigs/hats/glasses etc

Q) Will we have somebody to show us how to use the Booth?
A) Yes our attendant(s) will stay from start to finish, they will assist guests at all times.

Q) How many guests can fit in your Photo Booth?
A) Its a difficult one to answer, we have had 9 guests in one photo. Many companies will advertise the fact that you can get 10+ in their Booths but it comes down to what the camera picks up, similar to taking a selfie, you can get more in a photo the further away you are but there is only so much space in every Booth.

Q) I want the passport strip style photos is this possible?
A) Yes we can programme the software to print off your photo in the ‘Passport’ style, this is a popular option as the printer produces 2 strips instead of 1. Please see our Galleries page for some examples.

Q) Our venue has stairs, can you carry the Photo Booth upstairs?
A) No, sorry. Although our equipment ‘packs small’ to enter most narrow venues/homes we prefer that our Attendant does not carry the equipment up/down flights of stairs thus avoiding injury. 

Q) How does the video work?
A) Package2 will have a Video option, one button will start recording and guests can leave a message, all videos are saved onto the USB along with the Photos.

Q) Do we get the Photos on a disc?
A) We upload all photos and videos onto our USB and hand this to the Booking Contact at the end of the night.

Q) We have our own Photos from our Honeymoon, can we incorporate these into the photos?
A) Yes, send us your JPG files and our Tech guys will build them in to the Green Screen option (Package2 only)

Q) Can we add our Company’s logo?
A) Yes, send us your Jpeg and our Tech guys will add your logo which will then appear on every photo.