Terms and Conditions

When you book our Photo Booth you will be agreeing to the following Terms & Conditions:

A) The Booker agrees that the Photo Booth (2.0mHeightx2.3mWidex1.0mDepth) requires a 90mins set up time.

B) The Booker agrees that the venue/home does not require the carrying of equipment up/down stairs. A lift must be available if the room has an upper or lower floor.

C) The Booker recognises that a noise polluted area (band/disco) will affect the sound quality of any recorded service i.e. Karaoke/Marryoke and Video Messaging.

D) The Booker also recognises that suitable parking facilities will be required i.e. free car parking or parking near the entrance, in order to safely unload and load the equipment.

E) The Booker agrees that a suitable 13amp 240v power supply will be required and reachable within 3metres of the Photo Booth.

F) The Booker agrees that all equipment can be substituted in the event of equipment failure i.e. Audio Equipment, Photographic Equipment, Lighting Equipment, Printing Equipment.

G) The Booker agrees that the Photobooth cannot be set up outside without protected covers at the sides or above the Booth, a waterproof cover or a raised floor must be provided if set up in a Marquee.

H) The Booker agrees that all Photo Booth Package bookings are for the supply of an instant photograph service, all other services are recognised as free software i.e. Video Messaging, Karaoke/Marryoke and picture/sound/upload quality cannot be guaranteed.

i) The USB (Memory stick) supplied is guaranteed for upto 30days after the date of the event, please inform Magic Photo Booths via email for any faulty USB’s.

J) We value the safety of our staff and equipment therefore we have zero tolerance to any verbal or physical abuse/aggression from guests. All bookings will be terminated immediately.

K) The client/booker will be responsible for all damages to our equipment caused by guests.

L) We also reserve the right to refuse access to the Photo Booth if guests are intoxicated and show a threat to both theirs and the staffs well-being throughout the booking.

M) Cancellation of contract shall be as follows:
1) 8-29 days from the performance date; 75% of the remaining fee.
2) 1-7 days from the performance date; the remaining fee will be payable.
3) The Booker agrees that if the balance is not paid 4days before the booked date and failed to send a confirmation of cancellation Magic Photo Booths will NOT provide the Booker with the Photo Booth and the Booker will be responsible for the remaining balance.


P) All remaining fees agreed on the booking form are strictly not negotiable and paid in full no later than seven days before the date of the hire.

R) Cancellations will also include complete packages i.e. multiple services including; Chocolate Fountains & Magicians if booked as a combined package. Deposits/Booking fees for packages will not be refunded but only Photobooths will be included within the Photo Booth Terms and Conditions (see above for cancellation information)

S) Start and finish times cannot be negotiated on the date of the booked event.

T) All cancellations are to be made in writing or via email to . The cancellation will only be valid with a reply from Magic Photobooths as a confirmation; a cancellation code will be sent.

U) All booking fees/deposits paid are non-refundable.